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[ female announcer ] somhing unexpected to the world of multigrain... taste. ♪ delicious pringles multigrain. with a variety of flavors, multigrain pops with pringles. >> arthel: good afternoon to you. i'm arthel neville. >> rick: i'm rick folbaum. glad you're with us. topping the news, time and options are running out in the nation's capitol as republicans and democrats continue to reject each other's plans for dealing
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with the country's debt. >> arthel: new information on what led a texas gun store owner to call the cops on an awol soldier who allegedly plotted another deadly attack at fort hood. >> rick: months after protests pushed our middle east strong man out of office, very few signs of democracy. thousands of protesters are signing off on military rules. >> arthel: we begin with the latest out of the nation's capitol, the debt showdown taking center stage, of course, as the clock is ticking down, down, down. the debates raging in the house and the senate. lawmakers are facing off over competing plans, trying to keep our nation from possibly defaulting on its debt. mike emmanuel is live on capitol hill. so much going on at the same time. let's start with this, see if you can tell us, there is a meeting with the president, the vice president that took place,
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ended an hour ago. and now i'm understanding that senator reid is calling senators to the floor. what's going on? >> arthel, very few details coming out about the meeting. it sounds like it lasted approximately 90 minutes and we know on the way back into the capitol, senator reid said the question is, are we closer to an agreement? the answer is no. and so we expect on the senate floor he will probably reiterate that after that meeting at the white house, the democratic view is that they are not closer to an agreement at this point. the question is where we go from here. very different tone from when republican leaders addressed reporters a little earlier in the afternoon. here is senate republican leader mitch mcconnell. >> i've spoken to both the president and the vice president within the last hour. we are now fully engaged, the speaker and i, with the one person in america out of 307 million people who can sign a bill into law, i'm confident and optimistic that we're going
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to get an agreement in the very near future and resolve this crisis in the best interest of the american people. >> you hear confidence there from the republican leader in the senate, similar confidence from the speaker of the house, both republican leaders. it sounds like the democratic leaders after the white house meeting, not as happy. former speaker, now majority leader in the house, nancy pelosi, did not say anything to reporters on her way back into the capitol. senator harry reid said the answer is are we closer to a deal, the answer is no. so that's a very different contrast, if you will, from the different leaders here on capitol hill, arthel. >> arthel: and mike, i know you're out there collecting information. what i was talking about at the top is that senator reid has just made a procedural motion that's going to require all members to go back to the chamber, usually speaks after this sort of thing, takes about 20 minutes, if he does, we'll bring it live. that's what i was talking about
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'cause this is fluid and moving at every minute here. >> no question about that. he may say on the floor of the senate, we've been told that he would like the bill that he has crafted about a debt solution, he would like that to be passed through on 51 votes rather than 60 votes. senator mcconnell has resisted that so far. so if he asks for that once again, we don't expect the republicans to jump. so the question is, where do we go from here? the president had a meeting with his party's leaders. it's not clear if he will meet with republican leaders. we know he's been on the phone with them. so it's not clear if we're closer to a deal or not. but the parties disagree on that as well. >> arthel: indeed. mike, thank you very much for keeping us up to minute on this ever changing story. president obama taking his case to the american people this morning, using his weekly address to stress the urgency of reaching a bipartisan debt deal
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that avoids financial disaster. >> we need to reach a compromise by tuesday so that our country will have the ability to pay its bills on time. bills like social security checks, veterans benefits, and contracts we've signed with thousands of american businesses. if we don't, for the first time ever, we could lose our country's triple a credit rating not because we didn't have the confident to pay our bills, we do. but because we didn't have a triple a political system to match it. make no mistake, for those who reflexively oppose tax increases on anybody, a lower credit rating could be a tax increase on everybody. we all pay higher interest rates on mortgages, car loans, and credit cards. that would be inexcusable and entirely self-inflicted by washington. the power to solve this is in our hands. >> arthel: meanwhile, arizona senator jon kyl delivering the republican address. he is accusing democrats of using the debt crisis to raise
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taxes instead of viewing it as an opportunity to rein in spending. >> unfortunately, after weeks of negotiations, it became clear that democrats in washington did not view this crisis as an opportunity to rein in spending. instead, they saw it as an opportunity to impose huge tax increases on american families and small businesses. president obama is simply too committed to the european style of big government, that his policies have set in motion. to democrats in washington, the isn't to cut spending, but to raise taxes and keep on spending. democrats claim they would only target the privileged few, but behind the scenes, they argue for much broader tax increases. >> arthel: it looks like we may be hearing from senator reid very soon. in the meantime, the senate is expected to vote early sunday morning to cut off debate on its own debt ceiling plan. rick? >> rick: just as advertised, senator harry reid, the senate majority leader on the floor of
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the house right now. let's take a listen. >> republican leaders still refuse to negotiate in good faith. revenues off the calendar. no way we can talk about revenue s. entitlements, oh, their after entitlement, medicare, social security. the speaker and republican leaders should know saying it in front of television cameras doesn't make it so. republican leaders, says he's engaged. members of his caucus are, at least as far as i'm concerned, and my members are more engaged than he is. talks going on with some of my senators. while the republican leaders holding meaningless press conferences, his members are reaching out to me and other members as i've just indicated, and coming forthwith thoughtful ideas to try to move the process
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forward. i welcome their ideas and ask all members to continue these discussions. america is watching us and they're demanding a result that's balanced. i say to my friend and he is my friend, republican leader, i'll come to his office. i will go to the white house with him. i will do anything that i can do to try to move this process forward. but i say as respectfully as i can to my friend, senior senator from kentucky, the process has not been moved forward during this day. >> mr. president. >> the minority leader, the republican leader. >> mr. president, the fact of the matter is that the only way we're going to get an agreement before tuesday is to have an agreement with the president of the united states. the only person in america, the 307 million of us who can sign something into law and i'm optimistic and my friend, the majority leader, we both talked to the president today, talked
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to vice president several times. i think we've got a chance of getting there. i think is not helpful is the process we're going through here on the senate floor having a show votes over live quorum, having a reluctance on the part of majority to have a vote on a measure they favor, which we've been prepared to vote on since last night. look, we need to be in a position where all of us in the leadership can come back here and say that we think we've reached a framework of an agreement that we can recommend to our members and be briefing our members and the sooner we can do that, the sooner we can reassure the american people that we're going to get a result on a bipartisan basis. so that's what i'm working on and i'm not interested in scoring any political points. i'm interested in getting an
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outcome for the american people, and the only way that can be done is with the president of the united states. we're going to continue to work on that, get this problem solved, let everybody in the country know that we're not going to default for the first time in our history. that's how i'm going to spend my time until we get that outcome that i can come up here and recommend to my colleagues. >> mr. president? >> we lost the audio from the floor. here it is. >> for this reason, it's spelled filibuster. there is blame tactics proceeding right now, they won't allow us to have an up or down vote on our amendment, and this is a filibuster by any other term, it's a filibuster. that's why we're here. i hope the negotiations go on. we're willing to be as fair as we can, but there has to be
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something that the president -- and vice president biden and the rest of us think -- i guess talking is a step in the right direction. but that's about it. so mr. president, i ask and consent that the matter that we have before us reach -- we have an up or down vote on that, as we have all the time, of course, there would be no points of order in effect and we do like we do here all the time. i vote on it right now. >> mr. president, i'd like to object. these are direct quotes from my friend the majority leader. he says, quote, in the senate, it's always been the case you need 60 votes. always been the case you need 60
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votes. this, the majority leader of the united states senate. for him to suggest that a matter of this magnitude in a body that requires 60 votes for almost everything is going to be done with 51 votes makes no sense at all, i object. >> mr. president? >> the objection is heard. >> first of all, it's unconscionable that the republicans would filibuster legislation to default on our national obligations. it's unprecedented. since 1962, congress raised the debt limit 74 times, including 18 times under president reagan and there was never a threat of a filibuster and was always by majority vote. >> mr. president? >> the republican leader. >> mr. president, i might say i actually cut short a conversation with the vice president to come out here for this important vote on a live
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quorum. i'd like to get back to work so we can hopefully solve this problem. it seems to me, mr. president, it would be a good idea for the majority to decide to allow the vote on the proposal they say they're in favor of. therefore, i would ask unanimous consent that the vote on the pending crow during motion occur at 6:30. >> i object. >> objection is heard. [ laughter ] >> the majority leader. >> mr. president, you can put lipstick on it, nice suit, even a skirt sometimes. it's still a filibuster. >> call the role. >> okay.
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so we are watching washington and what could be a new level of dysfunction between the two leaders in the united states senate. we were listening to harry reid, who is the majority leader democrat from nevada, and then the minority leader, senator mitch mcconnell who is a senator from kentucky. the republican. talking about a vote that was put forward, a bill that was put on the table earlier today by the democrats, by harry reid. the problem is that harry reid does not have 60 votes. he doesn't have the numbers he needs to get it passed to break a filibuster in the senate. so what he was asking for was to have it simply be an up or down vote, which would only require 51. that's what the republican minority leader is objecting to. he wants to bring it to a full vote. christopher koonce is a democratic senator from delaware who has been watching all of this along with us and sir, i'm just wondering, what are you hearing 'cause if i'm listening
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to these gentlemen talking, they sound like they have a deal with the white house and it's your leadership standing in the way. what's your take? >> i think the average american watching this is enormously frustrated and deeply concerned about the inability of what they see in our party's leadership to get to a responsible compromise and move this bill forward. i did not reach the same conclusion you did from what i heard, that there was a deal with the white house. i'm instead hearing in the convoluted procedural maneuvering that there is not yet an agreement and that there is still a filibuster holding us up from moving forward. but in any event, there is a lot of progress being made behind the scenes. leader reid referred to it. there are dozens of senator, republican and democrat, who are sitting down, one on one or in small groups trying to have positive, constructive conversations, recognizing our differences and policy, recognizing our different objectives, but all committed to making sure that we do not
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default on america's mortgage next tuesday because of the very real consequences that would have for working families, for small businesses, for states and for our whole country. i'm encouraged by those conversations. i don't think the difference is that great. but one other thing i would like to emphasize, leader reid's proposal, the one we hope to vote on sometime tonight, has no revenue in it. it is a $2.4 trillion spending reduction proposal. it embraces everything, to the best of my knowledge, that the republicans were looking for, significant spending cuts, no revenue, in exchange for moving us past this debt ceiling debate so we can get back to dealing with job creation and tackling spending. >> rick: okay. so how far away are you, do you know, from the number 60, from 60 votes? you say you hope there will be a vote later on? the reason why senator reid won't allow a vote retama is because the votes aren't there. do you know what the numbers are, sir? >> if it were an up or down vote, as every previous debt
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ceiling vote, my understanding is, you heard leader reid say this 74 times since 1962, debt cellings have been done sometimes by voice vote, often by majority vote. there are 51 votes right now. probably 56 or 57. there are a few votes remaining, a few votes between where we are and where we need to be if the filibuster continues. >> rick: if there is an agreement -- i'm sorry. we'll run out of time. if there is an agreement that includes a balanced budget amendment, some kind of a deal here, is that something you would be on board, is that a yes vote from you if there is a balanced budget amendment tacked on to what comes up to the floor in the senate? >> i would be willing to have us take an up or down vote on a clean balanced budget amendment. i don't think it's practical to have us say that we can't raise the debt ceiling, continue to pay america's mortgage unless there is a balanced budget amendment adopted. i think doesn't have the votes in the house or senate and is
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not likely to be ratified by the state. so i do think we should have a full and open debate about a balanced budget amendment and whether that's the best way to manage our finances going forward and there are a number of republicans who have urged that and i do think that is something we may very well end up doing. >> rick: what are the other elements, i apologize for interrupting. one of the other elements in the house version is this sort of trigger mechanism that would require the congress to get back at this all over again six months from now. if that were to work its way into a senate version, is that something that you could be in favor of? >> there is two different approaches. the boehner approach, the house approach, was to require six months from now to come back and do this whole thing all over again where it is the debt ceiling, the sovereign debt of the united states that's at risk. what many of us here are negotiating or talking about is alternative triggers, things that would be undesirable to both parties across the board spending cuts, significant increases in revenue, cuts in
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our own spending, in our own salaries as senators, a variety of ideas for what we could have as a trigger so that if the new bipartisan committee that both houses seem to have embraced, fails to make significant progress in savings, then these triggers would kick in. and if those triggers are difficult enough, that will keep both parties at the table in the year ahead so we can make real progress in tackling our record deficit. i've made some suggestions around that. there is many other senators with suggestions. i do think that that's an area where progress is being made right now. figuring out what triggers we could embrace that would get us past what should be one vote between now and 2013. >> rick: senator koonce, we know you have a lot of work to do, we appreciate your time, sir. thanks. >> arthel: as you're watching this story unfold, failure to come up with a deal over the debt crisis, the ceiling, could pose a major danger to our financial system as you're hearing. the question you want to know is, how will it affect your bottom line?
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we'll tell you what you need to know coming up after this break.
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>> rick: fox news alert. violent shooting in colorado springs the other night leaving three teen-agers dead. we are now getting word that the police there have a suspect cornered, apparently they have cornered the suspect in an apartment. they have sent tear gas into the apartment in an attempt to smoke him out and they were trying to send a row with the into the -- robot into the unit. this is all going on in colorado springs, colorado. this is a man, 24-year-old shooting suspect, who is wanted for the deaths of three teen-agers on wednesday night. as we get more information, we'll bring it to you right here on fox.
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>> arthel: as we get back to our top story, lawmakers are scrambling on capitol hill as our nation inches closer to default. so what happens if they can't strike a deal in time? how will that affect your investments and what steps can you take right now to protect your money? patricia powell is the founder and ceo of the powell financial group. pat, we are glad to have you on this busy saturday afternoon. people want to know what to do and i think, first of all, you're saying, as usual, but in particularly now, cash is king. right? >> absolutely. everybody needs a cash reserve and i'm talking about seriously about cash, cash dollars in your wallet, not just maybe money in the bank, but you also want money in the bank and not just in the money market fund. none of us know if they default on the -- if they choose to default whether there is going to be a credit crunch, whether you might have some trouble accessing some of your credit, and you might even have some trouble with your money market funds. so none of us know. make sure you have cash.
3:25 pm
>> arthel: how much are you talking about? >> for most of us, if we had $1,000 in bills, in our drawer, we would be fine. i don't expect that you're going to need them, but you know what? if you need them, it would be nice to have. >> arthel: indeed. you also say the placement of your investments is very crucial right through here. >> absolutely. like how you weather the storm, if you've done your cash reserve, that's fine. in my office, my clients have about twice the cash that we would normally have going into this. okay? so we've already done the work there. you want to be sure you don't have your short-term money invested in the stock market. look at what happened when they failed to pass tarp in 2008. the market fell 777 points in one day. if you look at what happened this week, it was brutal what was going on. the professionals were raising cash. make sure you only have your long-term money and a little bit of extra money on the side, it might be a good buying
3:26 pm
opportunity as we work our way through this. >> arthel: of course, you say also be aware of those too good to be true investment opportunities. bottom line, as we have to move through here because of breaking news, you're saying hey, listen, the very thing we're telling those guys and folks in washington to do is what we should do and that is to get rid of our personal debt. >> absolutely. get out of debt. get rid of it. it doesn't matter -- if you can't afford the debt you have, go moonlight. if you can't afford your mortgage, take in a border. do what it takes, get rid of the debt and then tell the guys in washington to do exactly the same thing. if you could do it, they can do it. >> arthel: patricia powell, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> rick: crunch time on the debt crisis. president obama meeting with top democrats at the white house. that has taken place in just the last couple of hours. leaders now saying -- republican leaders saying they're confident a deal will get done. democratic leaders not so sure. we've got a live report straight ahead. >> arthel: now we have new details on the day that forever changed america. president george w. bush opening up like never before about his
3:27 pm
response when first told about the 9-11 terrorist attack hat. you see, airline credit cards promise flights s
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>> rick: you want news? we got some for you. it's a busy saturday, bottom of the hour. miraculous story of survival after a new york plane crashes. everyone on board survived. the plane stopped short of falling into a 200-foot ravine. >> arthel: police in new hampshire beefing up search force a missing 11-year-old girl. they're now searching across state lines for her. last seen monday night. >> rick: freedom may come soon for two americans still locked up in iran on spy charges. a lawyer for the two men expressing hope for his clients who were arrested almost two years ago. >> arthel: as you know, we are closely watching for any developments in the debt crisis.
3:31 pm
lawmakers are scrambling to prevent america from defaulting for the first time in history, republicans and democrats pushing for separate plans, both calling for cuts and cap on new spending. the big difference is the republican push for both parties to come back to the table after a bill passes to make even more cuts. meantime, it now looks like president obama is stepping back into the debate. molly henneberg live at the white house. are we getting any sign from the white house about a possible deal? i don't think so at this point, but tell me how you see it from your perspective. >> hi. the president had no public events today, but he did summon to the white house the top senate democrat, senator harry reid and the top house democrat, congresswoman nancy pelosi. they met here at the white house. aides say the president wanted to get an in person update on the negotiations on capitol hill. the president has suggested in his weekly radio and internet address that one group of lawmakers may be standing in the way of a deal, while another group of lawmakers, in the
3:32 pm
president's mind, may be acting in more of a bipartisan fashion. >> democrats in congress and some senate republicans have been listening and have shown themselves willing to make compromises to solve this crisis. now all of us, including republicans in the house of representatives, need to demonstrate the same kind of responsibility that the american people show every day. the time for putting party first is over. >> after that meeting at the white house this afternoon, senator reid said that they are not any closer to a deal. arthel? >> arthel: so did the president meet with republicans today? >> senate minority leader mitch mcconnell said he spoke by phone with the president and the vice president today and he came away feeling, quote, confident and optimistic that we'll get an agreement in the very near future. house republican speaker john boehner says the president needs to, quote, tell us what he's for, in essence what he will sign. but he also had a compliment for his political opponent.
3:33 pm
>> in spite of our differences, i think we're dealing with reasonable, responsible people who want this crisis to end as quickly as possible and i'm confident that we will. >> senator mcconnell predicted today that the u.s. will not go into default and that an agreement will be reached. >> arthel: all righty. molly henneberg thank you for that report. >> rick: debates on the u.s. debt ceiling are taking a toll on the american people, of course, as we continue to watch what's going on on capitol hill. you hear from republicans that they're confident a deal can be struck after having conversations with the president earlier today. and then you hear from the democrats that they're no closer to a deal. joining us from texas now is former texas congressman, martin frost, who is joining us this afternoon and david is the president of the republican leadership group. good to talk to both of you on a very fast moving news day and i'm trying to read between the lines, congressman. maybe you can help me with this. i'm a little confused.
3:34 pm
the republican leaders say that they talked to the president and that they feel optimistic. then the democratic leaders talked to the president and they say that they are not optimistic that a deal could get done. is the president sort of trying to weave a line here and maybe do an end around when it comes to democratic leadership in congress? >> i don't think there is an end around. i think that everybody wants to keep talking and the key here is there needs to be flexibility. people have to be willing to say, okay, i'm not going to get 100% of what i want. where is the middle ground? what is one party get, what does the other party get? no one knows how this will turn out. i am encouraged by the fact that the republican leadership has said they do not want to default. they want to work this out. it's not easy. you have a majority of democrats in the senate, so the president can't work around the democratic leadership. i hope they keep talking to each other and come up with something that everybody can support before august 2. >> rick: david, as you take a
3:35 pm
look and listen of what's been going on the last couple of hours, what's your take away. >> the take away is that finally we're talking about spending cuts and not tax increases. thankful many people want to be critical of the tea party, but had it not been for that movement that occurred last election, we wouldn't be talking about purely spending cuts. we would be talking about tax increases. in fact, the only person talking about tax increases is barak obama. luckily congress is talking about how do we cut spending to match the debt ceiling increase that we need to do and make it real cuts? not the business as usual, let's talk about spending cuts, but not actually do them. thank goodness we're actually talking about spending cuts right now. >> rick: go ahead, sir. >> let's be clear, the democrats in both the house and the senate have agreed that revenues, taxes are not on the table with this round. they may be on the table later on and further discussions, but they're not on the table here. no one is talking about raising
3:36 pm
taxes. that issue is over. we just talking about what kind of cuts. there will be differences of opinion on what should be cut, how quickly, how much, but i'm confident that this is going to get worked out. >> rick: david, the congressman is right -- revenues are off the table here. but the one thing that enabled john boehner's bill to get passed in the house last night was tacking on a balanced budget amendment. there is no way that a balanced budget amendment -- we're not arguing on the merits of one, but there is no way that gets through the senate and the president has said that he won't sign anything with a balanced budget amendment. where do we go from here? >> well, we have to have a bill that is serious about spending cuts. you look at harry reid's bill, it doesn't even cut the $2.4 trillion that he talks about. estimates has it cutting less than a trillion dollars. that's not even the amount of money that we're going to increase the debt limit by. the only way we don't wreck the
3:37 pm
american economy more than it has been under barak obama is to have serious spending cuts. whatever we have to do to make congress actually do those spending cuts, we have to be serious about it and do them. >> rick: congressman -- >> i think what mcconnell and reid and what mcconnell and boehner are saying to their fellow republicans, declare victory, you've won, you've won, 80 or 90% of what you wanted. so it's time to declare victory and go on. they don't seem to be capable of doing that. >> rick: congressman, i want to ask you, we have a little time left. you wrote a pretty scathing piece for politico in which you compared the tea party to the taliban. is that going a bit far? >> i was trying to point out that they're inflexible. the taliban, as you know, blew up centuries old statues of buddha because they wanted to be religiously pure, just as the tea party has threatened to bring down the government economically by not agreeing to raising the debt ceiling unless they get 100% of what they want.
3:38 pm
that's not realistic. no one gets 100% in this world except maybe some extremists like the taliban. we don't do 100% in this country and no one -- they should stop holding out for everything that they originally wanted and agree and declare victory. they've won quite a bit. >> rick: david, as you surveyed the gop landscape heading into 2012, how has the tea party changed the picture for republicans and is it for the better? >> it's for the better from a point that we are finally talking about fiscal responsibility again in this country. we're finally talking about doing the things to get the economy going in the right direction, which under barak obama has gone completely in the wrong direction. it's a great thing for our country to now be talking about getting our financial house in order as opposed to what we've had under the last two years under the barak obama administration. >> rick: david -- >> but it's not a great thing to put our economy in jeopardy by refusing to raise the debt ceiling unless you get every last thing that you want.
3:39 pm
>> rick: gentlemen, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> arthel: new information now on possible other targets considered by the suspect in the norway terrorist attacks. a tabloid reporting anders behring breivik told police he considered attacking the royal palace and the labor party's head office. police will only confirm the locations, including targets linked to the government. he has confessed to a bombing in oslo and shooting massacre at a youth camp that killed 77 people earlier this month. >> rick: nearly three months after the raid that killed osama bin laden, a new sign of deteriorating relations between the u.s. and pakistan. the pakinstani government now banning u.s. diplomats from leaving the capitol city without getting special permission first. the announcement made in a letter sent to the u.s. embassy in islamabad, the 1961 agreement allows them to move freely. the u.s. is working with pakistan to try to resolve this
3:40 pm
issue. >> arthel: a texas gun store's phone has been ringing off the hook since some quick thinking employees likely prevented a deadly attack. greg ebert of guns galore called police to report a suspicious customer last week. that customer was arrested the very next day, just miles from the fort hood army base with materials that could be used to make bombs. ever since, he and his co-workers have been getting inundated with phone calls, thanking them for their vigilance. guns galore is the same shop where nidal malik hasan purchased a weapon before opening fire on fort hood in 2009. a gun heist in california, more than two dozen assault rifles ripped off from a supply store in fort irwin. it happened july 15. investigators say the thieves made off with 26 ak 74 assault rifles and one sniper rifle. some arrests have been made and so far one of the weapons has
3:41 pm
been referred. federal authorities are offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to more arrests. >> arthel: president george w. bush opening up about his initial response to the 9-11 terrorist attacks as never before. the former commander in chief telling national geographic he made the decision not to jump up immediately and leave that florida classroom. instead, he wanted to project a sense of calm. national geographic will air the hour long interview on august 28 as part of a week of programs called "remembering 9-11". also president obama and former president george w. bush plan to attend services here in new york city marking the tenth anniversary at ground zero. >> rick: coming up, the fight to keep religion out of the twin towers memorial. we'll tell you about one group that's now suing over these steel beams at the national september 11 memorial and museum. what they think the ground zero cross really represents, coming up.
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>> arthel: checking our top stories now, a caribbean airlines flight carrying more than 160 people from new york to guyana crashes. an amazingly, everyone survived. the boeing 737 overshot the runway as it arrived just after midnight and split in two as it hit the ground. the f.b.i. now offering a a $25,000 reward nor any information leading to the return of 11-year-old girl. she was last seen in her new hampshire home monday night. and it is the second british royal wedding of the year. queen elizabeth ii's granddaughter tying the knot with a rugby star, mike tindall.
3:46 pm
amazing progress at the building of the world trade center site, especially at the future 9-11 memorial, a museum. organizers are using items that survived the attacks to tell the story of september 11. the newest addition arrives this week. shepard smith has more. >> it was found in the twisted steel and rubble of the world trade center. mean working on the pile first searching for survivors and then for victims, said they found peace in this existence. in october 2001, it was blessed by father brian jordan. >> many heros joined here. many heros still live here and they still will continue to work here. god be with you forever and ever amen. >> one of the questions that was asked that day was, where is god
3:47 pm
in the midst of all this horror and atrocity? i think for the people who saw that cross, it wasn't that god was in the cross, it was the presence of god in the midst of that tragedy and the presence of god was in the people who gave themselves that day and the days and weeks afterwards. >> in october of 06, the cross was moved, but rather than end up in storage, it was placed outside saint peter's church, just a block from the world trade center. >> it's a great honor. it's been a real congregating place for many tourists that come to visit the 9-11 sites to stop here and lay flowers or wreaths and say a prayer. so it's been kind of a religious focus for many people of all faiths. >> just days ago, the cross was blessed again. and then lowered into its permanent home, the national 9-11 museum which will open next year. father has been here since 1999. he witnessed lower manhattan's change in an instant.
3:48 pm
now he's seeing it change again. >> out of this whole tragedy, also there has been a resurgence of young families moving in here and it's become a place of life and renewal. >> arthel: thank you very much. meanwhile, as pieces of the world trade center make their way to the 9-11 memorial across the country, there is still many things missing, including some priceless pieces of history. dozens of agencies and archives, including the c.i.a., held offices in the trade center. 40,000 negatives of john f. kennedy, letters written by helen keller, they're missing, century old sculptures and even the 1921 agreement that helped form the trade center itself. we're moving on because it's summer and what do kids love to do at this time? they love to take pictures. and rick has something that can make photography more fun. who do you have there? >> i'm here with the bales girls
3:49 pm
who will help us take a look at the best cameras on the market for kids. parents love to take pictures, but kids watch their mom and dad and they want a camera, too. our friends from "consumer reports" are here to tell us which are the best ones on the market. we'll tell you when we come right back. you like that one? >> look at that. use gnesium, an ingredient that works more naturally wityour colon than stimulant xatives, for fective reli of constipation without cramps. thanks. [ professor ] good morning students. today, we're gonna... as luxury s.u.v.s, it helps to have the quality and craftsmanship of your leather interior test better than the lexus rx 350. it's also helpful to set your "select terrain" dial to "sand." ♪
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>> arthel: you know, it's a gorgeous day out here. what a great day to take photos and you've got the most gorgeous little girls here. kids ask cameras, they generally are a great match. especially now, height of summer. >> rick: sure. >> arthel: great weather. but you know what? if you don't want your little ones handling all that expensive stuff like you have, you might want to consider a camera specifically made for a kid. >> rick: that's right. the folks from "consumer reports" magazine have rated the
3:53 pm
best and the rest in their latest issue and joining us, first, let me introduce our friends here, ava and lyla bales looking at the cameras for us. they happen to be professional photographers. these are our testers here. joining us from "consumer reports" is associate web editor, carol. good to see you. >> thank you. >> rick: great toys for kids to play with. >> they really are. we discovered that toy makers are putting real digital technology into these toys. they're toys, but functioning cameras. you can take real pictures, download them, share them. >> arthel: you brought several cameras. is there a certain age group. tell us which ones -- >> rick: which one for the girls here? >> they're playing with a fisher price kid tough camera. for 3 and up. they're $50 and they're very ruggedly made and easy to hold. the buttons are nice and big and colorful. so kids can figure out how to use them easily.
3:54 pm
>> rick: ava, what do you think of that one? do you like it? >> yeah. >> ava is hold ago disney camera you can print your favorite princess into your camera. >> rick: you want that one? >> the leg goes go camera, that's for 7 and up. but it was very popular with our kid testers. in fact, a lot of grownups at "consumer reports" really liked that camera, too. it's leggo. it's so cool. >> rick: my kids watch my wife and me taking pictures and they want to do the same thing. >> they're great because they're easy to use for the kids. they don't take the big quality pictures, but it doesn't matter, because they have fun playing with them. >> rick: this is a company that i recognize. they make a lot of great stuff. i'll give this one to ava. >> this is our top pick for younger kids. it has all the bells and
3:55 pm
whistles that the other cameras have. it's also a gaming machine. it has a couple built-in games and has settings that you can set and a volume control, which none of the other ones have. >> arthel: that means mom will have to hear the ring, ring. >> the electronic noises, you can tone them down. >> arthel: what age group? >> 3 and up. >> arthel: what else do we have here? >> rick: we're dealing with very, very -- >> this is very important. >> rick: here is one by kodak. >> we use that as our control camera. some of the older kids we talked to liked that better. like if kids are nine, ten, 11 and tech savvy, they might prefer like a low end adult camera. they can do more with it. >> arthel: basically, the price range here was from what to what? >> least expensive was 35 and it goes up to around 70. >> arthel: you did a good job. ava and lyla are enjoying it. >> rick: you like them?
3:56 pm
what do you like about them? >> the design on it. >> arthel: of course. >> rick: every girl likes princesses on everything. at least the girls in my house. >> arthel: it never changes. >> rick: thank you, carol. very nice of you to come in. thank you, ladies. we want to say good luck to our friends behind us, from virginia. women's soccer players, they're going to nationals! [ cheers and applause ] stay tuned for the fox report with harris faulkner. >> arthel: thanks for being with us here. have a great rest of your saturday, guys. thanks, rick. you guys rock. every day, all around the world,
3:57 pm
energy is being produced to power our lives. while energy developement comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing decades of cleaner burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources within self contained well systems and using state of the art monitoring technologies, rigorous practices help ensure our operations are safe and clean for our communities and the environment we are america's natural gas.
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